Lifechanging Yoga with Nicola

CORPORATE CLASS - 60 minute •R750

Nicola is known for her very unique approach to teaching yoga. Apart from offering a professional class tailored to the specific needs of the individual or group,
Nicola also makes it her mission to ensure that there is plenty of self-love, acceptance, humor, play and laughter at the core of each class which makes it more enjoyable for all and more than often reveals better results in performance and mindset! Nicola teaches about yoga as a lifestyle - a union of mind, body and spirit - not just a powerful physical exercise, but also a special practice which can add unlimited meaning and purpose to all areas of your life.

Because of her love for nature, adventure and spontaneity, Nicola is always keen to offer her classes outdoors! She believes that a great view, bare feet on the earth, sunshine and fresh air can only enhance your yoga experience.

Guided Meditation with Roelien

private class - 60 minutes•R450
group class - 60 MINUTES • R550
mp3 downloads available soon

Roelien brings a new genre of guided meditation to anyone seeking stress-management, self-love, better health, forgiveness and the life of their dreams.
Using her voice and the occasional instrument, song and/or scents, her meditation will carry you to a place of healing and rejuvenation which most city-goers don't allow themselves access to because of busy schedules and an overall demanding lifestyle. Roelien is best known for using her background in creative writing and research into 'rewilding' to create powerful imagery of Nature in her meditations. 

Tailored Retreats for your Dream Bachelorette, Girl's Weekend Away & Family Reunion!

2 day R15,000 • 4 day R25,000

If you have taken a look at our current retreat packages and like what you see, but want one specific to you, your company or your group of friends or family - you're at the right place! We love trying out new things and tailoring our retreats to meet your needs! Apart from a few core principles we adhere to, we are always keen to spice things up and offer incredibly memorable experiences! Nothing is impossible, so email your awesome ideas and we'll meet up or Skype (if you're not in Cape Town) to discuss. 

Corporate Yoga & Wellness Package
with Nicola & Roelien

half day R6,000 • full-day R10,000

Happier + Healthier Staff = More Productivity = Better Performance = More Success & Wealth

Millionaire businessman and founder of Virgin, Richard Branson, once said that the best investment a business owner can make is the investment in the health and happiness of his or her staff, and it is this very truth that we base our corporate yoga and wellness packages on! Do you want to run a more conscious company and do you want to show how much you value your employees? Let us know what you need to improve the quality of life of your employees and we'll make it happen.

Whether you want us to host a half-day, full-day, weekend retreat or once-a-month program, give us a shout.