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Upcoming Events


YOGA & WINE summer series,
warwick wine estate, WESTERN CAPE

october - march

Join us on the 26th of October for the first event of this unique Summer Wellness Series! Bring a partner, family member or friend and share an unforgettable morning in the outdoors with rejuvenating yoga, restorative meditation and a delicious picnic and wine tasting courtesy of Warwick Wine Estate - spots limited, so book early!


wanderlust adventure retreat in mauritius,
a retreat like no other
coming in 2020

How about waking up in a tropical paradise each morning?
How about swimming with dolphins and turtles in beautiful, pristine turquoise waters?
We combine the best of rest, rejuvenation, growth and adventure in our brand new, one of a kind retreat in Mauritius. Spaces extremely limited, inquire now!


Find Your Centre

Who are you when all the layers are stripped?
What makes you feel alive?
What sets your heart on fire?
And do you believe that you have the power to create your own reality?


Find Your  Nature

Why does it feel so good to ground your bare feet on the earth?
Why does immersing yourself in Mother Nature feel so healing?
And what happens when you deepen your love for and understanding of Nature?


Find Your
Inner Kid

When last have you explored people, places and things like a curious child?
When last have you laughed until your stomach hurt?
And when last did you act silly and have fun doing so without worrying about what others might say?