Inhale. Look up. Breathe in the future...
I left home, my parents’ home, 12 years ago...and have moved as many times!!! Today, I move into a new home. My own home. A home that I believe I may have manifested through my Sankalpa at Yoga ... After going on the most beautiful yoga retreat with @explore.dream.discover_health and learning about journaling and visualization; each time I inhaled & lifted my gaze during my Sun Salutations, I visualized seeing the ceiling of this home. A home where I would feel grounded. And here it is. Exactly as I visualized.
There is so much more to this amazing practice
— Sam Shrosbee, physiotherapist
Roelien is my inspiration! She is so incredibly talented, knowledgeable, thoughtful and innovative.
She is constantly thinking of, creating and finding awesome new products to share with us. I have tried all her products because I know there will be massive benefits to me, my health and my wellbeing – and to the planet.  
I love knowing someone who I will trust with anything they are offering.   
Not only is she working with amazing products, she also goes off on inspirational adventures
that inspire my own inner adventurer.  And if that wasn’t enough, she is an extremely talented writer.  
I get completely lost in the blogs and articles she writes – feeling that I am right there with her.  
She is a truly gifted human being – compassionate, kind, caring and knowledgeable.  
I am grateful to know her and am totally inspired by all she does.  
— Michelle, private client in cape town

Nicola and I have worked closely together for many years. Her energetic and dynamic personality is positively infectious. She is passionate about the wellness industry and has spent years dedicating her growth towards this passion. Her love for the outdoors, yoga an her highly adventurous lifestyle is beyond inspirational.
— werner daniel, soaring free superfoods athlete
Nicola is warm and friendly.
Very enthusiastic about facilitating ones health and fitness.
You can rest assured you are in safe hands when it comes to support and guidance with body and soul.
— Peter King, Life Coach in cape town

From the moment I met Roelien I knew that she was special. There is just nothing that she can’t do. She has written a novel and packed everything up to walk wild and roam free in order to draw inspiration to finish her writing. She is not only a creative artist but also a bit of a geek and I have learned so much about food and it’s origin from her. She had literally made some organic concoctions for me and collaborated with her equally genius brother to make Chaga syrup which I highly recommend. At this very moment I am waiting for her to return from her travels so we can roam the mountains together and talk about our dreams and aspirations and get lost in the magic of nature.
She is a true gem of a human being and she sprinkles a little of her fairy dust wherever she goes.
— natasha naidoo, african pride hotel, cape town
I had heard about Superfoods and upon making enquiries, Nicola Bentley’s name came up.
I contacted her, and she came to my work place for the appointment! This is unheard of, and made my life so much easier.Nicola also met with me at the mall in my residential area to show me how to shop for nutrient dense food. Once again, coming to me and enabling me to get what I need from my local shopping mall, instead of me having to travel all over the place in order to obtain what I need.

Since contacting Nicola, and being introduced to the Superfood range, as well as eating beneficial foods for my body, I no longer have cramps in my legs and feet during the night. Even though I was taking all manner of supplements, my body seemed not to be responding and I felt my cells were not actually absorbing what I was putting into my mouth. The green juices she introduced me to have also helped my body to begin to absorb nutrients at a micro-level, so that I feel I am no longer suffering from ‘cellular starvation’.

Nicola not only addressed the physical side of me, but by completing a ‘Food-Mood’ diary everyday and sending it to her, I have become more sensitive to actually listening to my body, as well as what is driving me to eat. Another great thing about Nicola, is that she read the food-mood and would respond, on good and bad days, with gentle guidance which enabled me to find out what was best for me,
and to make my own decisions about what to put into my body, and when.

She led me to information about the facts of what I was eating and drinking,
and I was able to take ownership of my decisions.
— Bev, Private Client in Johannesburg

Roelien is an inspirational woman.
Always looking out for people and willing to help them reach their nutritional dream.
Her writing is motivational and full of life just like her.
— Kate, private client in midrand, south africa