To reserve your unique spot at one of our amazing upcoming retreats, full payment will be required beforehand. Not only does this prevent your disappointment, but it will show that you have honored yourself with a commitment that will probably be one of the best investments of the year: your health & happiness.  If finances are a concern, but you feel that you really need this kind of retreat event in your life, please feel free to chat with us about it. We always love to accommodate where we can.

To reserve your private, group or corporate class, full payment will be required beforehand. As with the retreats, 
this prevents disappointment and holds you accountable for your health and happiness investment. We offer reduced rates should you wish to enroll on a fuller program.


Should you cancel your booking with us after you have already paid, we will not be able to refund you. Not only will this hopefully encourage you (or perhaps someone else you know) to still attend, but it will allow the option to attend a future retreat.

Should you cancel a yoga, meditation, corporate package or wellness consultation after you have paid, we will also suggest either letting someone enjoy the gift of taking your place, or to reserve your spot for a future date. We do not do refunds.


We will always e-mail you Check-In Checklists - not only for retreats, but also classes and appointments, to ensure you are prepared and well-informed. 


We are fully mobile and flexible in our service offerings - meaning that we can come to you or you can come to us! We often take our classes outdoors and to other special places with good energy (depending on cost, availability and weather!). Our retreats will take place in some of the most beautiful diverse landscapes of South Africa - from the lush forests of Knysna to the rugged beauty of the West Coast and the remoteness of the Great Karoo - we promise to keep it fresh and scenic! Please note that we do include a standard call-out fee in our pricing should you be located outside a 15km radius. 

very important - MEDICAL CONCERNS:

Disclaimer: Although Nicola and Roelien are fully qualified in their respective fields, they are not qualified medical practitioners and will not be held accountable for any risks or accidents. Attending our classes and retreats will require you to fill in a questionnaire and sign it to make sure you understand this. Please visit your medical professional beforehand and inform them of your decision to enroll in a nutrition program, take one of our classes or attend one of our retreats.