We’d like you to do a little exercise.

Go outside.  Take off your shoes.  Sit underneath a tree. Feel the sun on your skin. Be quiet and still.
Now close your eyes.
Just for a few minutes, leave your immediate world – leave all of the to-do lists behind.
Activate your imagination.
Envision a forest. A mountain range or perhaps the ocean. The place in Nature you find most mysterious, most breathtakingly beautiful.
See it untouched, unharmed.
See an abundance of ecosystems.
See all things flourish – all things thrive.
See all of life wild & free.
Now hold that vision. Freeze it.
Retreat from it.
 Now, instead of asking yourself, “What did I see?”
 Ask yourself an even more important question:
“Did I see myself?”

This is the simple, yet highly ignored question which gave birth to WildCore.

Most of us don’t picture ourselves as intrinsic to nature; as part of an ecosystem – maybe just as ‘at the top of the food chain’, but that’s about how far it goes.  

For the past 10 000 years, since the beginning of agriculture and the ‘decline’ of the hunter-gatherer or forager, the human race has developed a strong distinction between itself and Nature.

This ‘division-consciousness’ we suffer from, has manifested itself in many ways, including environmental disasters (linked to our carbon-footprint) and the development and rise of physical and mental disease in humans. We could get into the science and research right here, but we’ll leave that for later...

To take it even further, most of us go to nature to escape and retreat from our modern lives. We come back fulfilled and energized, but we quickly fall back into a slump upon returning to the concrete jungle.  Nature has become a place – a state – reserved for holidays and meditations.

Wildcore asks:

  • How do we heal, strengthen, deepen and explore our relationship with Nature?
  • How do we align with our biological design?
  • What is natural and therefore healthy to us as a species of highly intellectual ape?
  • Finally, how do we put ourselves back into the wild even though we live modern, fast-paced, highly-stressful, technology-filled lifestyles?

We believe that a human’s core – his or her essence – is of a wild nature. Why else do we feel so instantly good, so soothed, so rejuvenated when we ground ourselves barefoot on the grass, swim in an ocean, go on a hike or eat organic nutrient-dense food grown in fertile soil? Why else can we stare into the flames of a fire, at the crashing of a wave and the blanket of stars hovering above us, in utter awe? Nature captivates, inspires and ushers us forth into other modes of thinking – a kind of thinking society does not always encourage. This profound feeling we get from being in the great outdoors, is a feeling many have tried to explain in words and formulas (in novels, poetry, treatises, travel-writing, art, photography, etc), but yet, this incredible mystery remains – a mystery we can only feel and be humbled by.

There are so many ways to restore and deepen this relationship with Nature, and with our wild cores. What you will find in this small (yet growing!) market, are products which will help you align with your biological design. We aim to create a tool kit consisting of amazing products & cutting-edge information which you can incorporate into your life – all with the purpose of resuscitating and restoring that wild gene within you.

WildCore provides a TOOL KIT consisting of:

  • Superior-quality products which:
  • Harmonise with our modern, fast-paced lifestyles
  • Are simple, fun, effective, affordable, long-lasting & all-purpose (one product has a wide range of benefits)
  • Are ethically sourced, local, organic and with their wild-profiles intact
  • Enables us to not only survive, but thrive
  • Helps set up a life that needs no escaping or retreating from
  • In a nutshell, ancient tools for the modern man – tried and tested for thousands of years & backed up by today's science

We will also focus on developing your feral mindset – because without this, most of our efforts will be in vain. Look out for our newsletter where we will have some amazing contributors share their stories. We want to encourage you to think more wildly and freely.

 Wildcore is not a place for the debunking of any other ideas, lifestyles or belief systems. This is a terrain of zero-judgment, where energy and resources will be focused on our mission statement – that of helping South Africans align with their biological design. This, as you might agree, is a broad and diverse goal, so as long as respectful interaction takes place, we will always keep our doors and minds open – ready to learn and unlearn.

In all honesty, the WildCore is a new, young, small business born out of pure passion for a life lived in harmony and alignment with Nature. We don’t claim to be great, or the best, or anything else grand and gold.

We are:

  • Small, yet ever-growing
  • Naive, yet ever-learning
  • In awe, yet ever-curious
  • Not a place of division & judgement
  • Not another ‘movement’, ‘trend’, or ‘diet’

It is our dream to grow, and keep on growing, not just as a virtual marketplace, but as a community. Together, let’s explore the rewilded lifestyle and the exquisite wilderness terrain of South Africa – a country with some of the world’s most breathtakingly wild places – places from which we can extract ancient knowledge to strengthen our feral states, and in return, give back to the wild our appreciation and utmost respect.

Let us put ourselves back into the the wild.




*Disclaimer: No medical claims are made. Product information is for information purposes only. ALL medical conditions must be treated by a qualified health care practitioner.