Keep up with Nicola on Instagram @nicki_bentley

       Keep up with Nicola on Instagram @nicki_bentley



It is Nicola's greatest passion to transform and upgrade the quality of people's lives
by  empowering them with simple tools and techniques that really work.  
Having travelled extensively and lived abroad, she has experienced firsthand the healing and transformative power of adventure and new horizons. 
By bringing this power into her retreats, consultations, workshops and yoga classes,
she is able to offer a truly unique approach that is not only holistic,
but hugely and authentically refreshing.
Her love of laughter, contagious energy and child-like wonder has inspired
hundreds of individuals and are actually the very qualities which led
to the naming of Explore Dream Discover Health & Retreats!

Nicola is not only a qualified yoga teacher but has a BSc physiology/psychology, diploma in Clinical Nutrition (Australia) and experience
in Wholefoods Superfoods Raw Nutrition.
Coupled with her Life Coach qualification and experience,
she offers a holistic approach which honours and harnesses all aspects
of an individual's life to ensure an abundant lifestyle and not one of deprivation.
Her focus is on the healing qualities of nutrient-dense wholefoods and superfoods.  Nicola loves eating nourishing food that makes her feel amazing and it is
through her example that she is able to show her clients just how incredibly delicious, easy and fun a healthy lifestyle can be!  

Yoga Teacher Training:  Sivananda Hatha 200 hour (India 2012) and
 Vinyasa Flow 200 hour (Living Yoga in JHB South Africa).

Keep up with Roelien on Instagram @roeliensteenkamp

Keep up with Roelien on Instagram @roeliensteenkamp



Roelien is a creative writer, product creator, certified raw food nutritionist
and rewilder as well as the founder and owner of 
Roelien obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Languages & Literature
(with specialization in Creative Writing) as well as several international certificates
in writing, including Community Journalism and
Travel Writing for magazine and blog publications. 

WildCore was born from Roelien's desire to help others
 replenish and repair their relationship with Nature and
their natural selves (their wildcores).
She encourages individuals and communities to spend more time
in the outdoors, showing how powerful natural and primal elements can be
in facilitating self-alignment and authenticity. 
She also believes that a better and deeper understanding of the great outdoors plays a vital part in living more sustainably and harmoniously on the planet. 

Roelien spends her time barefoot and in Nature as much as possible
where she enjoys yoga, hiking, writing stories and songs and playing acoustic guitar. 
She is always keen for adventures which tell stories
that touch the soul and plans annual survival treks in South Africa


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.
— Mark Twain